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                                The barren land known as the Jundland Wastes was fairly quiet as night fell upon Tatooine. Very little seemed to occupy the hard, rocky desert except for a lone speeder that came racing out of Mos Eisley. Inside the speeder, Tortai Haar was headed to the extraction point with her captive slouched over in the passenger seat. The reddish brown Mon Cal, a former Imperial spy by the name of Niral Fints, was a high value target for the New Republic. Having been a major problem for the Rebel Alliance, a highly trusted agent of the Empire and the head of security for the most recent heir to Jabba's throne, he possessed a great deal of information. It also meant that capturing him came at a great deal of risk, especially on a planet that was dominated by the Hutts. Luckily, her apprehension of Fints had gone quickly and was seemingly unnoticed.

                              After two hours of speeding across the desert, Tortai finally came upon a large cave. Inside the cave sat the ship that was going to take them back to Coruscant: A battle scarred, gray hulled, tubular vessel that rested on three worn skids. She parked the speeder a few meters from the ship, then put all the items she confiscated from her prisoner in a black shoulder bag. After a quick double check, she got out of the speeder, flung the bag over her shoulder, opened the passenger door and grabbed the traitorous Fints.

                                "So this is it, huh," Niral frowned as she dragged him out. "Once I'm brought aboard I'll pretty much be a dead man, won't I?"

                                "Sort of," She said, holding his right arm firmly in her hand. "There's still an intensive interrogation you'll have to go through once we get to Coruscant, not to mention the trial for all your crimes. But once all that is finished, I would see little reason in keeping you alive."

                                 "Hm, how ironic," He grimly grinned. "Well then, seeing as I'm about to die, would you mind granting me one final request?"

                                 "Possibly," Tortai said."We'll have to discuss it on the ship."

                                "I'm afraid we can't." 

                                "Why not?" She grumbled.

                                "Because I have information that only you should know," He stated. "It's something I wouldn't want a nosy pilot to hear."   

                                  She glanced at him, skeptical but curious as to what he had to say.

                                  "Alright then, I'll bite. What is it you think I should know?"

                                  "Well, as I'm sure you're well aware, you've made some very powerful enemies over the years." He stated matter of factly. "All of which would like nothing better than to take you out. Unfortunately they are all too occupied or too incompetent to do so, with the exception of one particularly vindictive individual. A person of great power and determination that wants to see you suffer for what you did to them."

                                  "Oh, really," She asked. "Would you mind telling me who this 'individual' is?"

                                   "I'm afraid not," Niral plainly stated. "Because I don't know who it is. Even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you."

                                   "So, why tell me any of this at all then?"

                                   "To warn you of what's coming," He replied. "And to advise you, one agent to another, that you should retire and lie low for a while. Whoever is after you is also very well connected, it's only a matter of time before they catch up with you."

                                    Tortai rolled her eyes.

                                    "Okay you've said you're piece," She pulled him toward the ship. "Now let's go, we have to get off this rock before sunset."

                                   "You'd better heed my words, togurta," He snarled as he was dragged along. "I don't think you'd want your loved ones to get hurt, especially dear Sean."

                                   She stopped dead in her tracks and snapped her head around.

                                  "That's right," Niral said with a grim smirk. "I know about that dull, private investigator boyfriend of yours. Kind of a pity tying yourself down to someone of such low status, but to each their own I suppose."

                                  "Where did you hear all this?" Tortai fumed.

                                   "Can't say, but I assure you it comes from a very reliable source. The same one that told me about the person who's seeking vengeance against you." He chuckled. "I must admit, we aren't really all that different you and I. We both became agents for the same reason: we wanted freedom. I, however, took the smarter, more profitable way whereas you muddled around with your silly insurgent friends. Two paths, similar end, only I at least got to enjoy my life for while you just kept wasting your time on cause that doesn't matter." 

                                   The togruta huffed with anger and drew her blaster from its hip holster.

                                  "I've heard enough," She growled, pushing him forward. "Get on the ship, now!"

                                  "As you wish," Niral sighed. "Just think about what I've said here today."

                                 Moments later, the ship was leaving Tatooine's orbit with Niral locked in a holding cell and Tortai buckled in the seat next to the pilot. As she sat there, gazing out among the stars, her mind was like a raging thunderstorm of thought. Part of her tried to reason that Fints was lying to get her worked up, but another part wondered how he managed to know about Sean. Yet another started to wonder, if Fints was telling her the truth, who was this lone vengeance seeker and what she had done to earn their wrath. Overwhelmed by questions and exhausted after a four month man-hunt, she drifted off to sleep just before the ship hit lightspeed, hoping to find the answers back on Coruscant.    










Misery in Mos Eisley Pt. 2
Tortai has Fints in custody, certain that everything is in her control.
Hi there, just wanted to let you guys know that I got a job working as an aircraft mechanic for Mesa Air Group in Houston, Texas! Well, first I'll be training in Phoenix, Arizona for about a month, but then the new base at George Bush airport will open in April. I'm very excited, this'll be a whole new adventure for me. Speaking of new adventures, I have one in store for my spy character Tortai Haar as soon as I find the time to write it. Of course, as things usually are with big moves like this one, I've been very busy and haven't found much time for writing. I don't want to give away too much, but I would like to thank :iconcelestialhost: and the recent convesrsation we had about Ukrainian and Russian relations for inspiring my idea.   
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