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A change for the better
    In the capital of the outer rim planet of Hemos, opportunity was in very short supply. At one time, it had been a hub for trade in the region but after years of war and eventual Imperial conquest it was now a world depleted of its resources, leaving the city to fall into a state of almost complete ruin with partially collapsed high rises, derelict factories, and piles of debris strewn throughout. A lack of jobs left most of the citizens barely able to fend for themselves, the few opportunities that were left were usually shady at best to downright criminal at worst.
             Being a slicer, Kina'larn liked to think that she leaned more to the shadier side as she wasn't directly involved in any major crimes. Sure, the Galactic Empire generally thought of those who sliced into computer systems for personal gain as outright criminals, but as long as one was smart enough not to slice into any of their c
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Alana's tale
                        The light blue skinned twi’lek grasped at her collar as the bounty hunter dragged her aboard his ship. His ship was big, old, dirty, and not at all where Alana wanted to be. Looking for a way to escape, she found a wrench lying on top of a box in the ship’s living lounge, grabbed it and swung it at the Chiss man’s head. He blocked the wrench then turned to face the shocked twi’lek, laughing in her face.
                        “You don’t have any idea who you’re dealing with, do you?” He twisted the wrench out of her hand and pushed her against the wall. “Let me clue you in, my name is Gorgal and I’m one of the most feared bounty hunters this side of the outer rim. So if you think you can outwit me, you better think again. Nobody gets past me!”
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Misery in Mos Eisley Pt. 2
                                The barren land known as the Jundland Wastes was fairly quiet as night fell upon Tatooine. Very little seemed to occupy the hard, rocky desert except for a lone speeder that came racing out of Mos Eisley. Inside the speeder, Tortai Haar was headed to the extraction point with her captive slouched over in the passenger seat. The reddish brown Mon Cal, a former Imperial spy by the name of Niral Fints, was a high value target for the New Republic. Having been a major problem for the Rebel Alliance, a highly trusted agent of the Empire and the head of security for the most recent heir to Jabba's throne, he possessed a great deal of information. It also meant that capturing him came at a great deal of risk, especially on a planet that was dominated by the Hutts. Luckily, her apprehension of Fints had gone quickly and was seemingly unnoticed.
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Misery in Mos Eisley
                         As dusk fell upon the desert world of Tatooine, a dark, dingy cantina in Mos Eisley Spaceport was beginning to become crowded with patrons. The tavern was abuzz with conversation in several languages and spanned many subjects just like any another evening. There were smuggler's working out new agreements, bounty hunter's looking for new prey,drug dealers making discrete sales, prostitutes prepping and preening themselves for their next prospects. Much like Tatooine itself, the place was a den of sin and lawlessness which was why many sentient beings loved them both, with the exception of one man who was disgusted by it all. Sitting alone at the bar, a Mon Calamari named Niral Fints barely paid any mind to the filth and depravity around him as he pondered the drastic turn that his life had taken. Once a prominent Imperial operative, wealthy and well respected, he had now been reduced to taking a jo
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Nightfall on Nar Shaddaa
                           As Tortai Haar prepped the front galley of an aging Corellian Star shuttle for a flight from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa, the orange skinned togruta dreaded the trip ahead of her.  Of all the cover jobs she had taken in her career as a spy, being a shuttle line stewardess was probably her least favorite. It was hours on end, wading through grumpy passengers in a form fitting purple miniskirt dress and matching uncomfortable high heeled boots. Plus the ships had pale orange interiors with gray carpet that looked as if it hadn’t been replaced since the Clone Wars.  Despite these drawbacks, it was a great cover: it provided free transportation; the turnover rate was really high which meant there were always jobs available, and the alias she used had not yet been compromised so it made changing her identity much easier. Plus, she got to work with her best friend Kina who always seem
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Treachery on Taladin Seven, Epilogue
      The Final Report
             After she finished her cover job Tortai was actually glad when she returned to Coruscant. She got to see all of her friends again and was even glad to see her boss. She compiled her final report on her mission and turned it in to Nathaniel Logan. As she sat across from him and he scanned the information on her datapad, he looked extremely pleased.
             “Excellent work, Agent Haar, most impressive,” Logan looked at data-pad. “I would like to know more about that Imperial togrutan agent you encountered, Sminaa Car.”
            “Not much to tell, she seems harmless enough,” Tortai shrugged. “Although, I wouldn’t want to underestimate her, she’s got the potential to be a very talented agent. She’s also a good infiltrator.”
             “Hmm, I’ll keep a note of that.” Logan scrolled. “Let’s see, attempted abduction by bounty hunter Jericho Savage, you
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Treachery on Taladin Seven, Part Three
              The morning after meeting with Tarn, Tortai had contacted Darren Vergesen and been invited over for dinner that night. She could tell he was excited as she talked to him over the com link; he seemed barely able to contain himself. She found his lust for her distasteful, but not uncommon. Human men seemed to have a very competitive nature about sex; they were always appointing some kind of value on the women they slept with. Togrutan women had extra value even over other non-human women, possibly due to the perception that they were all athletic and strong willed. Tortai knew that was just a stereotype, togrutan women varied in appearance and behavior as much as most humanoids. Of course, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t use those perceptions to her advantage. She considered seduction a useful method to extract information, it was an easy way to get silly men lulled into an overly relaxed state and get them talking.
                It wasn’t her fa
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Treachery on Taladin Seven, Part Two
          After a week of investigation, Tortai Haar was no closer to finding any answers. What the younger Imperial rookie spy had discovered seemed to be holding true, the Imperial citizens on Taladin had apparently cut all their ties to the Empire and lived rather reclusive lives. Of course, she couldn’t be around them all day and her cover pretty much limited her to talking to people who were in the business sector. Also, her cover job as commerce attaché was keeping her so busy she had little time to do full investigations on all those she suspected of the transmission. But that was actually a benefit as it seemed to be keeping any Imperial agents from following her. Also, her commerce attaché putting together a guidebook cover was actually proving to be pretty fun. She got to drive around in a beautiful red sports speeder and got to sample some of the wares of the companies she catalogued.
          Like one day at a beauty salon run by a friendly, airhe
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Treachery on Taladin Seven, Part one
         New Assignment continued
            Tortai boarded the ship and they took off for Taladin. After taking pictures for her identity cards, she went to her quarters and dropped her carrying case, marveling at the lavishness of her room. It was much more spacious than the bedroom in her apartment on Coruscant and was decorated like the room of someone in the togrutan hierarchy. It had medium gray walls, soft blue carpet that felt great on her bare feet, a painting on the wall of a male togrutan Jedi with a yellow light saber and some togrutan antiquities on display. She checked the closet and found three long, flowing dresses, one white, one dark purple, and one blue.
          She absolutely adored the dresses; it had been long time since she got to wear such eloquent clothes. It was certainly a nice change from the same old blue suit and knee length skirt with black heels she had to wear around HQ. Knowing she was going to meet with the Prime Minister of Taladin Seven whe
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Treachery on Taladin Seven, Prolouge
The New Assignment
       That morning, Tortai got up, dressed in a green shirt and beige slacks then caught the early morning shuttle to the Republic Fleet base near the old Imperial Palace district. Having been an operative for the New Republic since the time of the Rebellion, she felt more than prepared for her next assignment. After two months of desk duty at Intelligence headquarters on recently liberated Coruscant, the thirty six year old, orange skinned togrutan woman was practically aching for a new assignment. Now that she finally had a new case, she couldn’t wait to get started. Still, despite how boring office work was, she was actually going to kind of miss Coruscant. Even after suffering through the battle in which Ysanne Isard made her destructive retreat and the devastating Krytos virus plague that ensued, the planet wide city still seemed better off now that it was free of the Empire. It was definitely getting better for nonhumans, especially w
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Seeking Ahsoka
The Mission
            Torel Janks was excited to be assisting Tortai Haar on a very important assignment. After two years on the desolate mountainous world of Tergaluis Eight, completing his Jedi training, he felt that he was ready to go out and apply his master’s lessons. His master, Cyrano Hermange agreed, giving him his approval to leave and assist the togrutan rebel agent on her mission. Torel was also glad to see an old friend again, having not heard from Tortai since he went to Tergaluis. As the old Theta-class shuttle traveled toward their destination at light speed, she did some catching up with him.
              “I just can’t get over how big and powerful you’ve gotten,” Tortai smiled. “Kaalia would be very proud of you.”
               “I doubt that,” Torel grabbed a stick of Rycrit meat from the consumables pack.
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The case of the Jumbled Jedi
Senator Magon  
               Ahsoka Tano felt depressed as she sat alone in the Republic military prison awaiting her trial. She knew that somebody was setting her up, but nobody believed her and she had failed to prove it in the lower levels of Coruscant. She was feeling alone and completely abandoned, especially since she’d just been banished by the Jedi Order earlier that day. She simply couldn’t understand it, if anyone would know she was innocent, it would be the members of the Jedi Council. At least her master Anakin Skywalker still seemed to have faith in her, he was one of her only allies at that moment. Her mind was clouded with sad thoughts and visions of the dark side. The one thought she could see even partially clear was that of Ventress betraying her.
      This has to be her work, Ahsoka fumed. This whole plot has her grimy finger prints all over it.
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The Adventures of Kaalia Haar: The Final Return
The Final Return
        It had been two years since Kaalia Haar had seen her former co-pilot Torel Janks. He’d asked her to let him solo her ship to Tergaluis Eight to complete his pilot training. In the process he’d also managed to find the man who would become his Jedi master, hiding in a cave on the dark mountainous world. Torel had tagged along with Kaalia for so long and through so much that she thought that he would never leave her side. When he did, it was a bit of a shock. She remembered her last goodbye to him before continuing on her smuggling run.
       “I can’t believe this is it.” Kaalia put her hands on his shoulders.
        “Me either,” Torel smiled. “Who’d thought that rumor Tortai told me about would turn out to be true.”
        “Tell me about it.” Kaalia reached into her right pocket. “Here, I got you a going away present.”
        She dug around her pocket, pulled out a circular m
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The Adventures of Kaalia Haar: The Imperial Gala
        The Plan
         The months zoomed by for Kaalia Haar. She'd been flying loads of ryll spice for Jabba the Hutt and the money was really starting to add up. Plus, her fraidy cat Jedi co-pilot Torel Janks was actually starting to become more competent behind the controls and his still limited force powers occasionally came in handy. Everything was going so well for the togrutan smuggler she actually managed to finagle a week off to break up the monotony of the spice runs. After they collected their money on Tatooine, Kaalia and Torel decided to pay Ryaa a quick visit at Kala'uun. They met up with Ryaa who appeared to have been waiting for them to land after she'd done some shopping. As she observed the blue twi'lek in her orange sundress, brown open toed slippers, and emerald jewelry, it reminded Kaalia of when she was about her age. Kaalia and Torel had a lot of fun chatting with the twenty-three year old twi'lek as they caught her up on their recent adventures.
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The Adventures of Kaalia Haar: The Zygerrian Caper
Nar Shaddaa
             Kaalia Haar had carved out a decent life herself in the galaxy as a smuggler, but it wasn't easy. She was born on Shili in 36 BBY to an interplanetary shuttle pilot and his martial arts instructor wife. They lived the good life of a working class family until Order 66, the Jedi purge, hit Shili, taking out a significant percentage of the population. Many of the Haar's friends and family were killed because of their force sensitivity. Kaalia and her parents were fortunate they weren't force sensitive at all, thus avoiding the Jedi purge fate. But they didn't get away completely unscathed, aside from the emotional trauma of losing all those that were close to them, the family's income was hit hard by the extra taxes forced upon them by the Empire. The financial burden of the Empire's racist taxation forced the family to work extra hard to keep their home. It was so hard that Kaalia had to get two jobs just to get money for schoo
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Kaalia Haar
Character Profile
Name: Kaalia Haar
Gender: Female
Species: Togruta
Home world: Shili
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Red
Occupation: Smuggler
Ship: Various depending on assignment, eventually buys YT-2400 light frieghter named
Weapon: Blaster pistol
Affiliation: None
Bio: Born in 36 BBY to a family of middle-class laborers, she became a model at the age of nineteen, gave it up after a year when she got frustrated with the discrimination she faced with the Empire, and used piloting skills learned from her dad to become a smuggler for hire. She has earned herself a reputation for being one of the best smugglers in the galaxy and is considered a dangerous criminal by the Empire. Despite her criminal status, she can be a kind natured woman when treated properly, likes to have fun with friends when she has the time, despises slavery in all its forms and has nothing but hatred for all slavers, especially Zygerrians. Doesn't like to have to solve problems with her blaster, but has the
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    In the capital of the outer rim planet of Hemos, opportunity was in very short supply. At one time, it had been a hub for trade in the region but after years of war and eventual Imperial conquest it was now a world depleted of its resources, leaving the city to fall into a state of almost complete ruin with partially collapsed high rises, derelict factories, and piles of debris strewn throughout. A lack of jobs left most of the citizens barely able to fend for themselves, the few opportunities that were left were usually shady at best to downright criminal at worst.

             Being a slicer, Kina'larn liked to think that she leaned more to the shadier side as she wasn't directly involved in any major crimes. Sure, the Galactic Empire generally thought of those who sliced into computer systems for personal gain as outright criminals, but as long as one was smart enough not to slice into any of their computers or data ports, the authorities usually didn't bother them too much.

    It was a mistake that the young blue twi’lek was determined to make only once in her life, the cost of destroying her tech combined with the stress of fleeing her home world was almost too much to bear; but it was still a relatively small price to pay compared to the possibility of getting shuttled off to a prison planet to potentially get worked to death. The thought of which made both of her lekku, the long fleshy appendages that protruded from the back of her head and draped down to her waist, tingle with distress.

            She was fortunate to find herself a small room in one of the few remaining apartment complexes that were still maintained at all. Even so, Kina couldn't help but look at the walls of her apartment; littered with holes, chipped paint, stained with something that she’d surmised was dried blood and think things could be just a little bit better.

            The doorbell chimed.

            She cautiously crept to the entrance of her residence. Peering through the peephole; she found a tall red skinned, purple haired Zeltron gentlemen in an impeccably tailored suit that put her more casual attire to shame.

            Sweet, payday.

            She activated the door open and greeted the man with a half-smile.

            "About time," She scoffed. "I swear, Neros, if you get any later with these payments I might just have to reconsider our contract."

            "My apologies," Neros slid his hand under his lapel and retrieved an envelope. "Things have been a bit busy at the palace lately. Hardly been able to get any sleep much less get payments out."

            "Yeah, yeah," Kina grabbed the envelope from him. "All I know is this woman’s got to eat and I can't do that without credits."

            She dumped the credits into her palm, a look of discontent spread across her face as she counted them.

            "Um..." She rolled the payment in her hand. "You guys a little short right now? This is about half my normal rate."

            "That is the proper amount," He straightened his tie. "A major shipment you were supposed to divert to us got rerouted back to its original owner. Since you failed to get us that shipment, the boss felt it appropriate to dock your pay."

            `"But, that's not fair," She shouted. "I worked all day and night slicing into various networks to get the information on that shipment, besides it’s not my fault, they turned around because there was a supernova on their course! I can't predict those sorts of things!"

            "Be that as it may, we took a huge loss and that didn't make the boss very happy. So, as a consequence, you'll be getting half of your normal rate until the loss is covered."

            "What?!" She snarled. "Ok, listen here you two-timing creep, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to do all of this! If that slimy worm thinks he can get away with cheating me like this, he's got another thing coming. I've got all kinds on incriminating information on him, all I got to do is tip-off the Imps and..."

            "You seem to have forgotten your place, Kina." He glared her down, his words booming in her ears. "You work for us, which means we will pay you what we think you deserve. If you wish to dispute that, I can take you to the palace where I'm sure that master Akha would be more than willing to deal with the issue himself. So, is this going to be an issue?"

            Kina squirmed as a sharp throbbing shot through her lekku. 

            "I ask you again, is this going to be an issue?"

            "No." She grumbled.

            "Well, then there's nothing more to discuss." Neros turned to leave. "Good bye, Kina. See you again soon."

            As he disappeared down the hall, Kina slammed the door close button with her fist. As much as she hated to admit it, Neros was right, when someone worked for a Hutt they usually had little room to negotiate. It was just frustrating to have years of hard work and bargaining thrown away in a matter seconds.

            She meandered to her bed, dropping herself down to ponder what to do next with her life. As far as options went there were little, of the few jobs that existed on Hemos there were almost none she'd actually consider doing and she couldn't move from the planet, she didn't have near enough credits for that. Kina rubbed her eyelids then pinched bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger as she settled on the fact that there was nowhere else to turn. Nowhere except for one possible option, but it was too crazy to even dream about, it would mean giving up everything she'd known and worked so hard to build. Then she took another look around her apartment, examining what meager possessions she had.   


    After spending the previous night pondering, a decision had been made and now as Kina ventured out toward the east side of town, she could now only hope that she was making the right one. All of her belongings were packed into the knapsack slung over her shoulders and was going to meet her contact at an abandoned factory on the other side of the city. When she arrived at the old, derelict metal ore processing plant, she pushed through the big double doors which creaked open to reveal a dark room filled with rusted machinery and assorted tools scattered all over the floor.

    Alright, I’m here. She thought. Where the hell are they?

    She swung her pack around her right elbow to grab flashlight then slipped the pack back onto her shoulder and scanned the area with the thin beam of light. Kina walked deeper into the building to search the darkness for the person she was to talk to. Suddenly, someone grabbed her by the waist and held a knife to her throat.

    “Move and you’ll die, Twi’lek!” A metallic voice squelched at her.

    Without hesitation, she grabbed the attackers arm, moved the knife from her throat and flipped them on their back. The attacker tried to get up, but Kina jumped on and wrestled the being to the ground.

    “Who are you?” Kina grunted. “What do you want with me?”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know.” The attacker growled.

    The attacker then elbowed Kina in the ribs which made her let go of the person, who then got up and kicked her in the gut. Hurting and out of breath, the twi’lek pushed herself to try to get up before she was attacked again.

    “You pathetic whelp,” The attacker laughed. “I’m surprised that no one has made a slave of you yet, you certainly fight like one.”

    That comment made Kina huff with rage, pick herself up quickly, then lunge herself at the attacker and pinned them to the floor.

    “Not bad,” The attacker commented, straining against the pin. “You made a few rookie mistakes but otherwise well done.”

    “What?” Kina grumbled in confusion. “What are you talking about? Who the hell are you?”

    “Well let me up and I’ll explain.”

    Kina pondered the attacker’s words, then relented. “Alright, but your explanation better be good. You know I can take you down.”

    “Oh please, I let you win.” The attacker got up and went to remove their mask. “Although, it wouldn’t take much training to make you a more competent fighter.”

    When the mask was removed and the hood of their cloak taken off, it revealed the orange face of a female togruta with white diamonds on her cheeks, blue and white striped horns on top of her head called montrals that lead down into similarly patterned lekku which were kind of like Kina’s only skinnier with two draped down in front of the shoulders and one down behind that stemmed from the back of the head.

    “My name is Tortai Haar,” The togruta said. “And I’m here to assess you for your recruitment to the Rebel alliance.”

    “Assess me?” Kina scrunched her face in confusion. “I never thought anyone ever needed an assessment, I just thought you just kind of showed up and joined the group.”

    “For the lower ranks maybe,” Tortai said. “But someone with your skill set, we need to make sure you’re ready for anything and truly willing to commit to the cause.” She looked around. “Hmm, a bit dark in here, isn’t it? I say we change that.”

    Tortai pulled a small lantern from her belt and turned it on, illuminating a large area in the building.

    “Ah, much better,” She took off her cloak and set down a large pack, then pulled out a data pad and started scrolling. “Let’s see…Ah, there you are, Kina’larn, correct?”

    “Yeah, I…” Kina shook her head. “Wait a minute, you really think you just lure me out to this creepy place, attack me with no provocation whatsoever, then just explain it way by claiming that you’re with the Rebel Alliance and expect me to go with you?” She started to walk away. “No way you’re out of your mind, lady. My parents didn’t raise me to be anyone’s patsy.”

    “Very well,” Tortai called after her. “Make sure to keep telling yourself that as you continue to work for Akha the Hutt.”

    Kina stopped in her tracks and snapped back around to see the grin on Tortai’s face. “How do you know about that?”

    “It’s my job to know,” Tortai returned her attention to the data pad. “I have here just about every know bit of your background, your early life traveling with your parents, your trouble with the Empire, and of course, your current employer.” She looked up. “It’s my job to assess you, remember?”

    “Yeah, I understand that, but how did you get so much information on me so quickly.”

    “Can’t tell you,” Her grin widened. “All I can say is that I have connections, connections that say that you’re not happy working for Akha the Hutt.”

    “Yeah, that’s very true,” Kina folded her arms across her chest. “But that doesn’t mean I’m going to run off with the first nut-job who claims to be a part of the Alliance.”

    “Oh, I don’t claim to be,” Tortai walked up to the twi’lek. “I am with the Rebel Alliance, it’s the only reason we’re having this civilized chat. Just about anyone else would have just stunned you and hauled you off or killed you by now.”

    “That is also true,” She pursed her lips to the right of her face. “I just don’t know…”

    The togruta put a hand on her right shoulder. “Look, I know this is a hard choice, you either stay stuck in your current rut, keeping your fingers crossed that things might improve or you run off and join a terrorist organization that by its very nature is highly unstable. I faced a similar decision myself not too long ago. The only thing I can say is that there are days that I almost regret it, but I always know that had I not left, I would’ve definitely regretted it.”

    Kina looked Tortai right in the eyes, only now noticing the small of dark circles under them and the hint of a strained look on her face.

    “Alright,” The twi’lek relented. “So, how much more assessment do I have to go through before I’m in?”

    “Quite a bit, actually,” Tortai packed up her data-pad then lifted her pack by her shoulders. “But since were in a bit of a crunch for time and considering your former employer, the assessment will be conducted over the course of the missions that we will perform together.”

    “How many missions?”

    “Hard to say,” Tortai nodded her head back and forth. “But I would say about a dozen or so, depending how well you perform and whether or not you earn our trust.”

    “Well,” Kina mused out loud. “I suppose anything is better than working for a giant, slimy worm.” She extended her right hand. “I’m in.”

    Tortai shook her hand and smiled wide. “Glad to have you, Kina. I look forward to working with you.”

A change for the better
A short one shot story about Kina'larn joining the Rebel Alliance.
Star Wars is owned by Disney along with any associated properties
Hello, been awhile since I did a journal so I figured I do one and bring you guys up to date. First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm adjusting well to my new job here in Texas and things just keep getting better. Second, now that I'm finally finding the time, I'm trying to reinvent my writing style a little bit to make it a little more mysterious and suspenseful. I'm also working on Tortai's character a little bit, making her wittier and more adventurous. I may also have to do some retcon, nothing extremely drastic, but I was thinking making her a little bit younger. Once I'm done with the current story line, I was thinking of going back and doing an origin story on her.

Feels kind of weird having a character go from a support role to being the featured now that I think about it. Oh well.      
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You're welcome, keep up the good work!
Replicant-Wookie Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :)
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